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Fez posters by Dan Clarke.

3 Colour A2 silk screen print on G.F Smith Colorplan 175GSM. Limited edition of 30 posters.

At this moment all units have been sold, but you can follow Dan Clarke for upcoming projects. If you’re interested in the silk screen printing process check out this making of video.

Gutted I never managed to pick up one of these.


Journey NES Psuedo Hoaxes 
Created by Michael Azzi


Journey NES Psuedo Hoaxes 

Created by Michael Azzi


Deconstructed  Part 2

Photographed/Created between Mar.2013-Jun.2013

Gaming has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Often the gamer is defined by the games they play and the tools they use. The controller is a pivotal tool used in gaming; each console comes with its own controller, designed to maximize the experience of the system. As we game, these controllers become an extension of our own movements. They transform the way we game and our actions and conduct. They are extensions of ourselves, and as we use them we grow attached to their touch. They are used to break language barriers and travel across continents. As we use them, they take on our characteristics, as much as we take on theirs.

Deconstructed is a series of dissected controllers collected from the gamers who owned them. Each controller was used and often played until it was no longer operable. Some have been physically altered, and others were damaged in attempts to fix them. This is their autopsy, a chance to compare our growth and commitment to the tools we use to game.

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An advert for Diddy Kong Racing from @rareltd for the Nintendo 64.

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Classic N64 ad for Diddy Kong Racing.

On a Samurain Jack kick.


One of the greatest scenes in cartoon history

Damn straight.


Paintings by Mary Iverson

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Lines by Ryoma Ooki

Celestial Planets Formed from Ordinary Fire Hydrants


Anamorphosis - Felice Varini



Anamorphosis - Felice Varini